We closed summer with a BANG last Saturday! Up next: THE ROCKING BULL! See you on October 6 in Antwerp!

Last show before we go into some sort of hibernation and start work on our first full album and new look. Don't miss out! Free entrance!!!

One of us had a chat with Luminous Dash about music and stuff.
Check it out HERE!

Here's Enjoy!!! Much graditude towards Wietse (http://wietsenys.be), Bart, Glenn (Follow him on Instagram)and Marc from The Rhythm Cage!! Spread it like you've never spread something before!!!

In the meantime on Facebook... One week left, peepzzz!

New video will be released on June 7! Are we psyched? Yes, we are!

Ok, we know, we know, we should update this site more often. If you follow our Facebook or Instagram you 'll get more updates and you'll know by now we've started work on a new video!! Yes, we've already had one day of shooting, soon we'll have a second day and then we can start editing! We hope to have it out in the first half of June. It's going to be KILLER!!!

Reviews for our EP keep coming in. We've been getting good reviews so far and that's awesome!
Zware Metalen
Windkracht 13 (also in Rock Tribune magazine)
Luminous Dash
Dark Entries
Merchants Of Air

You want one of these cool digipaks? Get in touch and we'll make sure it happens!!!

It's here! Order on Bandcamp or mail us!

New review! From Zware Metalen! Click HERE!
Thursday we'll be releasing our EP. Look it up on our Bandcamp. You do not have PayPal or want to buy from Bandcamp? No problem, just mail us and we'll work something out!

Next show Sept 1st at JH Wommel! We'll play at 0h15, before us: Lizard Smile, Psych Krist Kastrator, KnK and after us: DJ Moonchild! Event page.

First review from our upcoming EP is in! Check it out over at Luminous Dash!!
And more pictures from our gig at Magasin 4 over at WIm Wilms Flikr page!!

The gig at Magasin 4 with Cartouche and Punish Yourself was awesome!! There's a massive amount of pictures available! Here are all the links!!!
Shoot me Again Magazine
Peek-A-Boo Magazine
Creeping Mac Kroki

Val Frtr

EP is available for pre order!! Get It here!

It will be released digitally on March 15 and on digipak cd in the following weeks. You don't have Paypal? Contact us through mail and we'll work something out!

Here's Templars! A brand new track! Enjoy!

09/02/2018: In the meantime on Facebook.


23/01/2018: Teasing you!

1/01/2018: EP art
Happy New Year! Welcome to 2018! Here's the art for our upcoming EP. Will arrive probably by March! Mastering the thing as we speak!

8/12/2017: Straight from Facebook.

27/11/2017: Our first gig at JH Wommel was a blast, more pictures soon! Next, recording
bass guitar for two new tracks for our upcoming EP.

20/11/2017: This is very cool!! On Friday Feb. 16 2018 we'll be supporting French industriallers PUNISH YOURSELF. Joining us is Cartouche from Brussels. You'll better arrive early at Magasin 4 because we'll be up first!

But first: this Friday we'll open up for Lizard Smile at JH Wommel in Wommelgem. We'll hit the stage at 22h00.

Interested in booking us? info(at)spankraght.be or send us a PM on Facebook!

09/10/2017: On November 24th we'll play our first show as support for Lizard Smile at JH Wommel in Wommelgem! We've been working to this point for two years. Slowly preparing ourselves to come out and play! Haha! Be there, there's a party afterwards too! We play at 22h, entrance is 5 euro.

07/10/2017: Look what the cat dragged in! All ordered t-shirts are in! We'll start dispatching the orders soon. When all orders are completed we'll put the remaining shirts on Bandcamp, we've got a few extra sizes. Not much, so be fast when they are made available in about a week or so.

06/10/2017: Welcome to the Spankraght homepage, the portal for all your Spankraght needs. From here you can go to any Spankraght social media page you want. All important news on shows, music, videos etc. will also be shared here.

A fast way to know what's up and without having to log in or scroll or whatever.


06/10/2018: The Rocking Bull,
Show time: 20h45
Facebook event page

Always Looking for shows.
Want to book us? Mail us at info(at)spankraght.be


01/09/2018: SEWERFEST,

16/02/18: Magasin 4
Brussels (w Cartouche & PUNISH YOURSELF)

24/11/17: JH Wommel, Wommelgem (w. Lizard Smile)

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